Covid 19

The recent outbreak of Covid 19 has been distressing for us all. To ensure that we keep you, our housekeeping staff, and ourselves as safe as possible, we have adopted a number of procedures and changes to our normal practice which we have detailed below. We have also included these in our Terms and Conditions.
Please help us to keep the Isle of Skye and our holiday accommodation safe for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Fiona and David.



  1. Please do not leave your home if any of your party feels ill with suspected Covid 19 related-symptoms. The Isle of Skye is a very fragile community with limited health resources on the island. You will not only be endangering yourselves, but others too.
  2. Please familiarise yourselves with the information we have provided in our Key Information document eg Keycode access, Heating instructions, How to use the cooker – this is because we have been advised not to leave unnecessary documentation in the property.


  1. We provide disinfectant and cleaning products however we recommend that you bring hand-sanitiser with you and you should bring your own masks and gloves for when you are out and about.
  2. Please bring any food, toys, books, DVDs and games that you might need– following government guidance we have unfortunately had to remove all of these from the property. We will still provide bed linen, towels and tea towels.


  1. Please air the property whilst you are staying here by opening doors and windows


  1. On departure please strip beds and bag up towels and linen.
  2. Please take your empty glass bottles and jars to the recycling area
  3. Ensure you vacate the property promptly by 10am to allow us sufficient time to thoroughly clean before the arrival of our next guests.


You will find emergency contact details in the accompanying Key Information document. If you fall ill we ask that you return to your home immediately, and at least 72 hours before your due departure date where possible, and to keep us informed. We have a duty of care to our community and need to take every precaution possible.


For your peace of mind we have included a snapshot of our cleaning regime below. We can provdie further details on request. This protocol follows UK Government and teh Scottish Association of Self Caterers Advice which in turn takes its information from WHO. We have also invested in Foggers and every room and surface will be sprayed with virucidal disinfectant .

Surfaces –Initially cleaned with a general detergent or hot soapy water, then disinfected with a Virucidal disinfectant OR 0.05% sodium hypochlorite OR 70% ethanol.

Kitchen – Cleaned using general cleaning products. All crockery, cutlery, glassware to be put through the dishwasher. Alternatively wash in hot soapy water. Then disinfect.

Toilets & Bathrooms – Initially clean with a general detergent then disinfectant. Toilet lids should be kept down when flushed. Toilet brushes to be disinfected after use.

Textiles – Linens, towels, bedding Hot-water cycle (60oC) AND regular laundry detergent OR Alternative lower temp cycle + bleach or other laundry products. Bag up tea towels, bath mats and any removable items for washing.

Bedding Bedding & Linen: For any linen not stripped and bagged by guests, use gloves to remove dirty linen carefully directly into bags. Linen should not be shaken in case viruses are dispersed through the air. Ensure bags are removed from the property prior to cleaning. Pillows, mattresses and duvets to be sprayed with disinfectant using Fogger. Remove gloves and dispose of them after stripping beds. Wash hands. Apply clean gloves before putting the clean linen on the beds.

Wood floors and soft furnishings – Steam clean, then disinfected.

Cleaning Equipment : Single-use disposable OR Non-disposable disinfected with: Virucidal disinfectant OR 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, provided.

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